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Acceptability and Efficacy of the Zemedy App for IBS

December 20, 2019


This is a study that investigates whether the self-help app Zemedy is helpful for improving the quality of life of patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The Zemedy app featured engaging educational content to help patients learn about the condition with a virtual AI coach with cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy.


Study Information

Investigators are seeking 120 participants that will be divided into two groups – one with immediate treatment and one with a waitlist control. The treatment group will get immediate access to the app and use the content at their own pace for 8 weeks. The waitlist group will receive only a few check in emails from investigators and then will become a part of the treatment group after 8 weeks. The study started in October 2019 and is estimated to be completed by October 2020.


Inclusion Criteria


  • Ages 18+
  • Diagnosed with IBS
  • Must own a smartphone
  • Must Speak English


Exclusion Criteria


  • Diagnosis of another GI disorder (e.g. celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease)



University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, 19104-6018

Contact: Melissa G Hunt    215-898-6478  



University of Pennsylvania

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