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Archives: Faqs

What is irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)?

What types of IBS are there?

What is post-infectious IBS?

Who is most at risk of developing IBS?

What are the risk factors for developing IBS?

How can I prevent IBS?

What are the symptoms of IBS?

What are the causes of IBS?

What is SIBO?

How is IBS diagnosed?

Can IBS be misdiagnosed?

Are there conditions associated with IBS?

Are there conditions similar to IBS?

What is the treatment for IBS?

What medications are used for IBS?

Is there a cure for IBS?

What is an endoscopy? What is a colonoscopy?

What diet is recommended for IBS?

Can exercise help with IBS?

What complications are associated with IBS?

What is the prognosis for IBS?

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