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Bowel Mover Classic

December 19, 2019


Bowel Mover Classic is an app with modifiable sections to monitor bowel movements and manage irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It has specific categories already in place for users to explore. These include bowel movements (BM), water intake, stress, gluten free day, and BM texture and notes. These sections can be replaced with others that users feel are more helpful to their particular situations. Information can be logged into the sections and compared through different graphs.



Bowel Mover Classic is primarily based on the simplicity of tracking bowel movements. However, more tracking features can be accessed by downloading a separate app. A calendar feature does help compare bowel movements on different days, but all of the logged information is not there.



Bowel Mover Classic does a good job of focusing primarily on bowel movements. It doesn’t complicate the interface with too much detail on other areas, such as diet. The trends of bowel movements can be specifically compared and applied to whatever diet users prefer. This can be valuable to users who need the app for a variety of reasons.



The tracking feature is limited for an app that requires a paid subscription. It’s recommended for users to download an additional app, TracknShare, for a more advanced tracking feature. The calendar feature doesn’t show all the information that is logged. It seems to be a waste of time to log specific parameters when they can’t be quickly referenced for comparison.

Mobile Apps

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Bowel Mover Classic

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