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December 19, 2019


Bowelle is a tracking app for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It begins by syncing health data from users’ phone. Then, the users complete a questionnaire about factors they want to be tracked. Users can view trends by turning their phones sideways. The sidebar shows a rating of the user’s average day. After 6 days of user input, more in-depth reports are generated.



Users can rate different lifestyle factors, including any ones they’d like to create and be tracked. The app does a good job explaining some features, but not all. Some of its features can even be shared with medical professionals to see how they weigh in on the app’s usefulness. It portrays trends over time, although some must be unlocked by upgrading to the premium version.



After completing the questionnaire on the 4 provided lifestyle factors, users can create an additional section for any other factors they feel are important. The app gives useful tips on how to input new additions. The “report” feature is a complete record that can be given to users’ doctors for more insight into why their IBS symptoms may be improving or worsening.



The chart only displays how users feel over time. However, this does not seem like enough to understand what contributes to IBS. Other factors, like stress and bowel movement trends, must be unlocked through the premium version. Although the app allows users to create a new lifestyle feature from scratch, these features aren’t used by the overall assessment tool.

Mobile Apps

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