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Monash University FODMAP Diet

December 19, 2019


FODMAP is an app that educates users on problematic food ingredients for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Users of the FODMAP app are paired with a certified dietician who can guide them through the FODMAP diet to achieve relief from IBS. They’re also guided through the app interface with easy tutorials. When foods that aren’t compatible with the FODMAP diet are typed into the search feature, suggestions that are similar and safer for IBS are displayed. These replacement foods can also be found in the app’s recipes of popular and tasty dishes, slightly tweaked to comply with the FODMAP diet.



Users can feel assured knowing that this app is released from the same place where the FODMAP diet was created: Monash University. It educates users by exposing certain ingredients in foods that may cause IBS problems. It can be used in conjunction with other diets. However, there were some oversights that make some search results useless.



The makers of the FODMAP diet also released this as the official corresponding app. This app reveals new, tasty FODMAP recipes. The FODMAP diet identifies foods or ingredients that are directly responsible for IBS flare-ups. The app even breaks down ingredients, identifying chemicals as the true culprits for distress. This can be helpful for anyone who wants to incorporate FODMAP restrictions into another diet of their choosing.



The app has some simple mistakes that question the usefulness of things so important to users, like the search food feature. Numbers are missing from important areas. Some ingredient amounts are missing. Also, since some things can be enjoyed in moderation, it would make sense to include portions that are allowed. There also isn’t a syncing capability.

Mobile Apps

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