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mySymptoms Food Diary

December 19, 2019


MySymptoms Food Diary is an app that tracks symptoms of gastrointestinal (GI) problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Users can log their symptoms, foods, bowel movements, and more through a diary interface. After these are logged, the app analyzes patterns. These can serve as educational guidance to an improved GI health. The more time and factors that are logged, the more accurate of analysis that can be provided by mySymptoms Food Diary.



MySymptoms Food Diary has many tools for tracking and learning about influencing factors to IBS. Since there are so many, it would be helpful if there was a way to automatically sync some of the information from other health apps. The app does a good job of breaking down contributing factors to IBS flare-ups. It also goes into detail on how it depicts trends over time.



On the results page, the app lists the “Top Suspects For” different symptoms users may experience. This could give more insight into how much certain factors contribute to IBS, so they can be better managed. Instead of offering only one graph, like similar apps, mySymptoms Food Diary has different types of graphs to depict IBS influencers from different perspectives.



The mySymptoms Food Diary only uses data manually logged by users. It does not currently offer any syncing capabilities. Since there are so many sections and subsections, it could help users save time by syncing available health data from phones or other devices. There are plans to make this update available in the future.

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