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December 19, 2019


Nerva helps users manage irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) through a weekly hypnotherapy program with the guidance of a medical professional. After users log into Nerva through email or Facebook, it introduces an assigned doctor or psychologist. The main screen is separated by days of the week. Users are placed in a 6 week program created by the medical professional. Users can explore the introduction to the program on the main screen and set reminders. They can view an overview of the program on the side tab.



Nerva does a good job of gaining users’ trust in the opening screen of the app by introducing them to a qualified dietician. An organizational model separates the IBS programs into weeks. Users can explore the first week of the program, but then they will need to pay $87.99 for a 3 month subscription. After payment, the remaining weeks and aftercare of the hypnotherapy program are unlocked including: Mind-gut medicine, Creating your own healing hands, and Finding inner peace. 



Users can begin asking questions and being educated on managing IBS after they are introduced to their paired doctor or psychologist. There is a biography section detailing the professional’s credentials, where users may find their particular expertise in health with IBS. The app also features a helpful chat bubble at the top left screen where users can leave comments or questions with customer service representatives.



The opening prompt on the main page asks, “Are you ready: To get free from the control of IBS?”. Once the user clicks on it, they are redirected to an ad for the paid subscription. The first section of the app gives some information about how to better manage IBS. Then the user is quickly redirected to the same ad screen that explains the benefits of the premium version. One screen would have sufficed. The entire first week appears to be a part of the free trial. However, only one of two articles is unlocked. Some users may need more to be sure the paid version is worth it.

Mobile Apps

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