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December 31, 2019


Zemedy opens with a conversation introducing Elle, a 24/7 IBS coach for advice and tips to manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms. Then, users answer questions to set up an account and help the chatbot offer IBS management suggestions. The app uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to improve bowel movements and reduce the severity of IBS symptoms. 



Zemedy aims to help users with IBS, including managing symptoms of diarrhea. It uses an interactive platform through a chatbot conversation. This persists through all nine modules. Some users may enjoy this approach, while others may feel it limits their ability to explore all of the app’s resources after downloading. The community feature can be fully accessed after downloading. Here, users can share their experiences with IBS and diarrhea and learn from others.



The chatbot Elle is opened after downloading. Users must select responses to the chatbot questions, as if they are speaking to an actual health professional. Some may find that having to select between good, okay, and not okay doesn’t add to the app’s effectiveness. Others may use the slow-paced conversation tool to access the app when they are ready to continue learning from each module. 



The chatbot feature takes users through nine modules, one at a time. This can help many users stay on track to improving diarrhea at their own pace. The community feature is a useful way to learn to manage diarrhea from other users, outside of the app’s modules. The friendly, conversational interface is a new way to motivate users to stay diligent in learning how to improve diarrhea.



While some may find the chatbot feature helpful in the setup phase, it removes the freedom to browse the app’s features until you unlock them through the chatbot conversation. Users who are searching for specific resources or tools for diarrhea may not like having to interact with a chatbot.

Mobile Apps

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